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The business world is full of information, and it isn’t all good. Lucky for you, there’s The Stevenson Company, a market research company that helps cut through the clutter to deliver better information and solutions to help you run your business. We don’t just listen, we hear what matters and make it work for you.

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At the heart of The Stevenson Company is a team of very skilled and seasoned consultants who provide research solutions to a broad range of clients across many industries.  The leadership of the research team has spent years on the client side and knows what research needs to be.   Our team prides itself on delivering unparalleled research that not only delivers insights but provides results that are actionable.

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A Majaps Chief Executive In The Catbird Seat

12/15/2014 BY: ALAN WOLF, TWICE MAGAZINE Electrolux president/CEO Keith McCloughlin is sitting pretty after structuring the majap industry’s biggest deal of the decade. The Long Island, N.Y., native, who rose through the ranks to run the world’s second- largest appliance manufacturer, will close the gap with No. 1 rival Whirlpool with his $3.3 billion agreement to buy GE Appliances. The deal, which is [read more...]


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