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Barbecue Grill Market Trends

If you are designing, building, advertising, promoting, distributing, or selling
Barbecue Grills, can you answer the following questions:

  • Do you know what features your customers are looking for?
  • What will barbecue customers buy?
  • Where will customers shop?
  • What are they selling and how will those affect your product?
  • What about the competition? How do you compare?

Here at TraQline, our experts help businesses and individuals within the barbecue grill market reach consumers. We provide insight directly from the consumers and data on the latest trends. Organized into data deliverables your barbecue grill company can use, this approach will give you the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. 

TraQline & The Stevenson Company’s Research Team can help your business.

We can provide answers to these questions and so many more.

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Barbecue Grill Market Share Trends
Shopper Behavior

  • Purchase drivers
  • Shopper behavior – What, Where, and When
  • Purchase behavior (where, amount spent, decision maker)
  • Importance of grill features and accessories
  • Feature trends
  • Competitive information
  • Online shopping and online buying
  • Brand loyalty & Retailer loyalty
  • Market changes over time


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Barbecue Grill Market Trends
Behavior of Owners

  • Grill ownership (type & number)
  • Usage drivers
  • Seasonality effects
  • Product satisfaction
  • Product repairs
  • Grilling area
  • Grilling away from home
  • Charcoal type usage
  • Griller demographics
  • Market changes over time
  • Differences between gas, charcoal, & electric grill owners
  • Future grill purchase intentions
  • Grill usage (frequency, usage occasions, food prepared, grill expertise)
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What is TraQline?

TraQline is a syndicated quarterly internet survey in the US and Canada that provides market trends on barbecue grills, other outdoor patio products, and many other durable goods, based on consumer-reported purchases. More details here.

Categories tracked range from Appliances and Home Improvement products to Consumer Electronics, Lawn & Garden, and more

TraQline is a strategic tool to help provide insight to both retailers and manufacturers going beyond what consumers buy to understanding how they shop and why they purchased the product. 

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TraQline for Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Key information TraQline can provide for your business includes:

  • Grill type (charcoal, gas, infrared)
  • Grill brand (Char-Broil, Brinkmann, Coleman)
  • Features (number of burners, grill/smoker combo) etc.
  • Retailer purchased (Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Sears)
  • Channel purchased (brick & mortar, online, catalog)
  • Online grill purchases
  • Custom sales region, etc.
  • Age, gender, marital status, race, etc.
  • Other grill brands considered (Kenmore, Sunbeam, Kingsford)
  • Stores shopped (Walmart, Target, Amazon)
  • Close rate
  • Purchased as a gift, as a replacement etc.

CUSTOM RESEARCH SOLUTIONS for businesses in the Barbecue Grill industry

Don’t see your category listed here?  Have a problem or question that goes beyond the scope of TraQline?  We’ve got you covered.  Our Custom Research Services can craft a custom solution for you.  It’s on us – we’ll prove that we can help you solve your toughest research problems.

For more information about Lawn & Garden Market Share or other market research data please contact us at 502.271.5250 or