Consumer Electronics Infographic Q3 2018

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When it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why’s” of consumer electronics purchases, TraQline’s got you covered. An internet survey of over 600,000 consumers per year, TraQline gives anyone in the consumer durables industry a better look at the marketplace, brand and retailer market share, purchase drivers, online sales, evolving feature trends and more.

TraQline collects this information by product category, including consumer electronics products. We collect metrics including: online market share, dollar share, unit share, and draw/close for brands and manufacturers.


Check out this infographic for an illustrated overview of the Q3 2018 consumer electronics market:

  • Consumer Electronics shoppers love Best Buy, which wins 30% of consumer dollars
  • Apple branded consumer electronics win almost 15% of consumer dollars
  • The average price paid for consumer electronics is $281
  • Sony brings home almost 11% of consumer electronics dollars
  • Features are a top draw for choosing consumer electronics brands- 34% of consumers emphasize its importance
  • Amazon draws in 1 in 4 consumer electronics buyers
  • Consumer electronics is a bit of a boys’ club- 49% of buyers are men shopping solo
  • Apple closes with 77% of consumer electronics buyers
  • Consumer Electronics buyers at Best Buy paid an average price of $372 for products
  • Walmart wins 14% of consumer electronics buyer dollars
  • Best Buy draws 34% of consumer electronics buyers to their stores
  • Consumer electronics buyers appreciate a wide selection of products- 29% of consumers say they pick their retailer because of its selection
  • Costco draws in 4% of consumer electronics buyers
  • 36% of consumer electronics buyers make their purchase online