Home Channel News: The Following Includes Graphic Information

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The home improvement industry has discovered the infographic – in a big way.

“The amount of information that people are exposed to today can be overwhelming,” said Eric Voyer, VP at Stevenson Company, a research firm with deep ties to the home improvement industry. “Infographics are an excellent way for content providers to break that information down into easy-to-digest, bite-sized nuggets.”

You see them during quarterly reports, and you see them in survey results – even the Obama Administration’s immigration plan had its own infographic.

“In the sense that it gets readers engaged and communicates complex topics simply, the format is excellent,” Voyer said. “The drawback is that they can sometimes oversimplify the information, leading the readers to the wrong conclusion. When executed well, we find that they accomplish their purpose of educating the reader and letting them know that there’s more where that came from.”

Here, for your education and further inquiry, is a sampling of recent infographics released by big industry names. Click on the link below to see the infographics and full article: http://www.homechannelnews.com/article/following-includes-graphic-information