Power Tools & Accessories Q1 2018

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When it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why’s” of air comfort & quality purchases, TraQline’s got you covered. An internet survey of over 600,000 consumers per year, TraQline gives anyone in the consumer durables industry a better look at the marketplace, brand and retailer market share, purchase drivers, online sales, evolving feature trends and more.

TraQline collects this information by product category, including power tool products. We collect metrics including: online market share, dollar share, unit share, and draw/close for brands and manufacturers.


Check out this infographic for an illustrated overview of the Q1 2018 power tools market:

  • Home Depot is #1 for customer dollars, earning 28% dollar share
  • DeWalt gets ~15% of consumer dollars, making it the #1 brand for dollar share
  • Craftsman gets ~8% of consumer dollars
  • Industry average price for power tools & accessories is $91
  • Sears closes 79% of sales, see what percent of consumers they draw with @TraQline’s infographic
  • Home Depot draws 38% of power tool & accessory customers- check out how often they close the sales
  • How much more than the industry average are power tool & accessory consumers spending at Sears?
  • Average price paid for power tools & accessories at Lowe’s is $93
  • 16% of consumers purchase power tools & accessories online
  • Almost 1 in 4 consumers chooses power tool & accessory retailers because they’re in store buying something else
  • The Northeast underindexes on purchases of power tools & accessories
  • It’s not just for guys- 21% of power tool & accessory buyers are women shopping solo
  • Sears gets just over 9% of consumer dollars for power tools & accessories
  • The Midwest overindexes on purchases of power tools & accessories
  • Over half of all power tool & accessory buyers have Amazon Prime- check out what percentage of consumer dollars goes to Amazon