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What The Stevenson Company can offer

When is comes to data, analysis, market share, consumer behavior, research, and more, The Stevenson Company has you covered. With the TraQline Suite of syndicated surveys and our dedicated Custom Research experts, we’re confident we can provide the information and solutions you need.


  • TraQline – a suite of syndicated internet surveys of consumers which measure their purchases of consumer durable products as well as services, repairs, and installations of products for the home.
  • Research Services – A team of qualitative and quantitative experts who have unique expertise in ideation & innovation, new concept development & refinement, product enhancements & sensory testing, and much more.

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The TraQline Suite

Capturing Market Share & Share Trends, TraQline provides you with up-to-date knowledge about your consumers, competitors, and the marketplace as a whole. It provides the data necessary to diagnose, plan, track, and measure both individual business elements and the total company.

Simply, the TraQline Suite of products answer the “Who, What, Where, Why, How, & When” surrounding purchases made by real-life consumers who buy your products.


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Custom Research Services

Our Custom Research Team is a high-quality research and analysis group – small enough to listen and react to your needs, yet flexible enough to provide powerful insight and analysis. Combine that expertise with decades of experience and you can rest assured we will deliver effective solutions to your marketing, merchandising, or product questions.

Using a variety of approaches to get the answers, the Custom Research Team is constantly striving to find new, innovative ways to learn more for our clients.

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