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TraQline US

US Retail Market Share

Make sense of it all with TraQline

  • Keep up with the ever-changing marketplace
  • Understand consumer buying habits within the entire US market
  • Track trends in market share, pricing, and product features
  • Data is collected right from consumers who buy your products


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What is TraQline?

Known as the consumer durables industry’s best and most trusted source for market share in the US, TraQline delivers the data necessary to diagnose, plan, track, and measure both individual business elements and the total company.

We answer the “who, what, how, when, where, & why” of purchases.

  • Who – Age, gender, marital status, race, etc.
  • What – Product, brand, features, size, etc.
  • How – Brand(s)/Retailer(s) considered, shop online, etc.
  • When – Up to 10 years of quarterly data
  • Where – Brick & mortar or online, retailers, geographic location, etc.
  • Why – Purchase drivers: loyalty, price, brand name, selection, etc.


Data Collection

  • Largest survey of its kind in the world
  • Demographically & geographically representative
  • ALL brands & ALL retailers
  • 15 years of consistent methodology
  • Rapid data results
  • 250+ product categories tracked
  • Unbiased, comprehensive, & consistent




TraQline is a strategic tool which helps provide actionable information & insight to Retailers, Manufacturers, & Wall Street alike

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Exercise Equipment

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Incline Trainer
  • Weight Bench
  • Stationary Bike
  • Multi-Purpose Gym
  • Stair Climber or Stepper
  • Rowing Machine
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Strategic & Tactical Uses

  • Product Planning
  • Brand Awareness
  • Line Review Preparation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Marketplace / Competitive Monitoring
  • Mix Analysis
  • Merchandising Tactics


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A Better Understanding

The marketplace is always changing. It’s important to understand popular trends, pricing, your customers, and even your competition. That’s where TraQline comes in.


TraQline will help you:

  • Analyze demographics or segments – Who is buying your products?
  • Uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities using it as a diagnostic tool
  • Monitor pricing, price trends, ASP within an industry or between retailers
  • Track your regional performance by geography/custom sales region
  • Evaluate retailer product mix
  • Calculate revenue shares – Who’s winning the race for customers’ dollars?


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One size doesn’t usually fit all…
the same goes for market share data

  • TraQline offers two different subscription options: TraQline & TraQline Premium
  • Pricing is based on varying degrees of reporting and support solutions
  • Find a TraQline Subscription to will meet your data needs without breaking your budget


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