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  • Market Share
  • Competitive Information
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Product Trends

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What is TraQline?

On the surface, TraQline is an internet survey from The Stevenson Company asking real consumers about the goods they purchase for their homes to capture market share.

TraQline gathers brand share, retailer share, and pricing information for the US and Canadian markets –
and that’s just the beginning!

We also collect information on:

  • Shopping Behavior
  • Purchase Drivers
  • Feature Trends
  • Brands Considered
  • Retailers Shopped
  • Online shopping activity
  • Loyalty
  • Online Buying
  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • …and much more!

TraQline Market Share Data Collection 

  • TraQline is the largest survey of its kind in the world
  • Demographically & geographically representative
  • ALL brands & ALL retailers
  • 15 years of consistent methodology
  • Rapid data results
  • 250+ product categories tracked
  • Unbiased, comprehensive, & consistent


A better market share understanding

The marketplace is always changing. It’s important to understand popular trends, pricing, your customers, and even your competition.
That’s where TraQline market share data comes in.

TraQline will help you:

  • Track your regional performance by geography/custom sales region
  • Uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities using it as a diagnostic tool
  • Evaluate retailer product mix
  • Monitor pricing, price trends, ASP within an industry or between retailers
  • Analyze demographics or segmentations – Who is buying your products?
  • Calculate revenue shares – Who’s winning the race for customers’ dollars?

TraQline US: Market Share Data

Quarterly Internet Survey of US consumers. Click here to learn more.

Are you looking for a preview of what TraQline has to offer? Take a look at some of our free market share data with our industry infographics.

American flags on display on a street in New York City- traqline US

TraQline Canada

Quarterly Internet Survey of Canadian consumers. Click here to learn more.

row of Canadian Flags- TraQline Canada

TraQline Market Insight Deliverables

TraQline helps increase your efficiency with our Market Overview Report Package delivered every quarter upon data release as well as other custom reporting options. Find out more here.

  • Market Overview Report
    • Category Analysis Template
    • Dashboard
    • Infographics
  • Custom Reporting
Computer and TraQline infographic- deliverables offered by TraQline

Ready to see just how powerful TraQline data can be?

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