Q2 2017 Infographic: Total Outdoor Power Equipment

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When it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why’s” of OPE purchases, TraQline’s got you covered. An internet survey of over 600,000 consumers per year, TraQline gives anyone in the consumer durables industry a better look at the marketplace, brand and retailer market share, purchase drivers, online sales, evolving feature trends and more.

TraQline collects this information by product category, including outdoor power equipment such as: line trimmers, chain saws, and pressure washers . We collect metrics including: online market share, dollar share, unit share, and draw/close for brands and manufacturers.

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Check out this infographic for an illustrated overview of the Q2 2017 OPE market.

Outdoor Power Equipment Key Takeaways:

  • Craftsman wins #1 for consumer dollars when it comes to OPE and Power washers.
  • Who needs the outdoors? 19% of consumers purchased their OPE and Power Washers online
  • Average price for OPE & Power washers is $181, how much more do consumers pay at independent dealers?
  • 1/4 of consumers pick OPE and Power washer retailers because of product selection
  • Sears closes 74% of OPE and Power washer sales. What percent of consumers do they draw in?
  • Keeping it green in the south! The region overindexes on OPE and Power washer purchases
  • The West & Northeast are underindexing on OPE and Power washer purchases
  • Looks matter! 34% consumers choose OPE and Power washer brands because of the features offered
  • Stihl wins 7.1% of OPE and Power washer consumers’ dollars. Who’s their biggest competition?
  • It’s a bit of a boy’s club- 59% of OPE and Power washer purchasers are male.
  • How much lower is Walmart’s average price paid for OPE and Power washers versus the industry average
  • 77% of OPE and Power washers are bought in a brick & mortar store!
  • Home Depot draws 39% of OPE and Power washer consumers