TraQline Smarthome
Adoption, Usage, and Behaviors of Smarthome Households.

TraQline Puts the SMART in Smarthome

Penetration and purchase of 27 smarthome products including TVs, Lighting, Garage doors, etc.

Usage and attitudes regarding smarthome. Including who uses and how often.

Key insights into industry trends by household and by product

Combined with over 150,000 TraQline responses, the most comprehensive survey of its type


Do you need to know?

  • Current product ownership and smart product ownership
  • What are consumers’ top 3 intended future smart product purchases
  • Who set up smart application of smart product
  • How frequently do consumers use smart feature/applications
  • Top reasons why consumers purchase a smart product

TraQline’s Smarthome Survey is CE’s most comprehensive. Click below for more information!


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