Tradition & Innovation Share The Spotlight In Vacuums

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Traditional vacuums still rule the roost, but the numbers of robotic vacs are climbing.

LOUISVILLE, Ky (May 23, 2018)—TraQline™ US and Canada consumer behavior and market share data for the first quarter of 2018 are now available to subscribers at Comparing recent results to the 10 years of history available highlights key insights into both retailers and brands for the vacuum category.

When looking at retailers, Amazon’s market share (in both unit and dollar share), as well as their ability to draw customers to their site, saw significant increases in the past four quarters. However, their ability to close the sale on Vacuums declined significantly. “While e-commerce through sites such as Amazon continues to increase in both draw traffic and sales,” says Eric Voyer, vice president of sales and marketing, “American consumers are still choosing to purchase products like vacuums in retail stores more than 65% of the time.”

When looking at vacuum brands, compared to the prior year, Dyson experienced significant growth in all measures (Unit & Dollar share, consideration & Close rates). Additionally, for the past 6 quarters, Roomba has consistently posted significant market share increases when compared to the previous year (with a large spike in the fourth quarter – each holiday season). While traditional vacuums like canister and stick vacuums are still more popular with American consumers, robotic vacs are making inroads.

graph displaying rising unit share for Roomba vacuums

For the retailers that Canadian consumers chose for vacuums, both Canadian Tire and Amazon saw significant growth in unit and dollar shares. Additionally, Canadian Tire saw significant growth in its close rate, while, similar to the US, Amazon saw significant growth in only its draw rate.

For Canada’s vacuum brands, two brands show significant growth: Black & Decker and SharkNinja. When comparing the most recent four quarters to the prior four quarters, both Black & Decker and SharkNinja have had significant growth in both unit and dollar share. In addition to growth in both share measures, Black & Decker also saw a significant increase in its draw rate while SharkNinja did not.

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