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This week’s highlights include:

Sales Up 4.3% For Top 100 CE Retailers | Alan Wolf: Dig in deep with Twice Magazine’s analysis of the tears and triumphs of this year’s Top 100 consumer electronics retailers.

folded laundryThe Most Frustrating Chore | Ellen Byron: Let’s be honest. No one actually likes folding laundry. But you might find it interesting to see how this oft-avoided chore has influenced everything from the creation of new machines to the height of your washer and dryer.

Aquanta Will Help Your Water Heater Learn Your Habits | David Priest: The Internet of Things is bringing connectivity to all sorts of home goods. The Aquanta brings it to your water heater, and promises energy savings and hot showers. This definitely sounds like a win-win situation.Arduino_ftdi_chip-1

Have Department Stores Lost Their Way? | David Marcelis & Kurt Wilberding: Members-only stores and online shopping are having a major influence on how consumers shop. The Wall Street Journal breaks the numbers down for you.

Sears Looking To Cash Out Kenmore As Losses Widen | Alan Wolf: Will we start seeing Kenmore brand outside of Sears? The retailer is looking to expand the availability of their private label.

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