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The iPhone’s Biggest Threat Isn’t Android- It’s Amazon’s Echo | Davey Alba: As our tech gets smarter, our ways of interacting with it gets more natural. The rise of digital, voice activated assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Now may be a big clue as to how we’ll be interacting with technology in the future.

Wearable ‘backpack PCs’ let you experience high-end VR on the go | Raymond Wong: Virtual Reality is having a moment, and computer companies are taking on the challenge to deliver high quality, immersive experiences. Currently, that means attaching VR headgear to a high-powered desktop or laptop. Some companies, it seems, are looking to change that!

Women Drain Cellphone Batteries Faster Than Men | Joseph Palenchar: Despite increased battery life for cellphones and smartphones, it seems like the battery is always dying right when you need it most. Take a look at which consumers are draining their batteries fastest with this article.


How Amazon Has Diversified | Greg Bensigner & Jess Kuronen: Amazon has come a long, long way from its early days selling books online. This infographic shows the path Amazon.com has taken on its journey to be the company that it is today.

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