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Target has an in-store space for explaining the smart home | Roberto Baldwin: Right now, the Internet of Things is a fragmented assortment of goods, and really only popular with early adopters. Target is seizing the opportunity to explain the benefits of a connected home to the average consumer while they’re in store.

Amazon is completely blowing away competitors in one of the most important shopping channels | Eugene Kim: Amazon is absolutely killing it on mobile these days, and that’s one of its major strengths. More and more people are shopping from their smartphones rather than desktops or laptops. To stay competitive, having a fantastic mobile shopping experience is becoming a must.

Are hardware stores dropping the ball on small appliances? | Steph Koyfman: It is a universal truth that everyone needs small appliances. As a central hub for all things in the home, hardware and home improvement stores could gain a serious edge by keeping small appliances in stock. (Besides, wouldn’t it be easier to put together that shelving unit with a nice cup of coffee?)

Survey: Millennials care more about their lawns | HBSDealer Staff: It’s not  just the elderly yelling “Get off my lawn!” these days! Millennials want to have nice lawns even more than having nice TVs. Luckily for many Lawn & Garden centers, Millennials also need a lot of instruction on how to get those nice lawns.

Staff Picks: Best Go-To Grill Recipes | The Stevenson Company: Here at The Stevenson Company, Team TraQline has a small problem: we are obsessed with good food. Now that summer’s here, talk has turned to recipes for summer barbecues. We’ve rounded up some of the best grilling recipes from across the office and collected them in one spot, just for you. Try them out and let us know which is your favorite!

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