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no credit cardsWal-Mart Canada Will Stop Accepting Visa Cards, Citing Fees | Sarah Mulholland:  Wal-Mart is known for keeping prices low for their consumers. This dedication even applies to credit-card fees, it seems. Because they have been unable to come to an agreement, Wal-Mart Canada has said that beginning July 18, they will stop accepting Visa cards at select stores in Ontario, and continue to roll out in phases across the country.

Online Shoppers Want Delivery Faster, Cheaper, Survey Shows | Loretta Chao: If you’re planning on being competitive in the e-commerce sphere, it pays to have a solid shipping plan in place. More and more consumers are making their online shopping decisions based on delivery times and fees.

Android N to be called Namey McNameface, Google jokingly confirms | Stan Shroeder: While the British research boat Boaty McBoatface may have ultimately been named the Sir David Attenborough, Google certainly knows how to capitalize on a joke. An easter-egg in developer kits for the new Google N claimed that the “N” stood for “Namey McNameface”.

Whirlpool Connects With Innit’s Automated Cooking Platform | Alan Wolf: With the IoT in your kitchen, you too can become a gourmet chef! At least that appears to be Whirlpool’s hope, as they’ve joined forces with Innit to help automate the cooking process.

Meet Beko, America’s New Home Appliance Brand | Keith Barry: It’s been awhile since there were any new entries in the Major Appliances manufacturer category here in the US, but Turkish brand Beko, already popular in the UK and Europe, is hoping to make some inroads in the market.

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