Did you think we’d forgotten about TraQing News? Not to worry, we’re just mixing things up for a change! Here are a selection of some of the stories we’ve been tweeting about for the past week:

Your Coffeemaker Is Watching You | Adrienne LaFrance: IoT is big business- projected to be a billion dollar industry within the next few years. As our machines grow smarter, the dynamics between person and machine will grow and change.

TWICE Top 25 CE E-tailers | Stevenson Company: The Stevenson Company and TWICE magazine have worked together to compile a list of the top 25 online consumer electronics retailers. You might be surprised at the number of e-tailers who’ve grown considerably this year.

Augmented Reality in Retail: How Lowe’s, Walgreens Make Virtual Change In The Aisle | Bryan Pearson: If you grew up watching sci-fi, you might recall the Holodeck used in Star Trek to simulate different experiences. Thanks to advancements in augmented and virtual reality, stores like Lowe’s are taking the idea of the Holodeck out of the realm of television and into our real-world retail experience.

The Next Big Thing: An Invisible House | HBSDealer Staff: So, what exactly is an invisible house? Sadly, it doesn’t mean literal invisibility, but the truth is almost as cool. Sustainable “invisible” houses will create as much energy as they use, making them “invisible” to the power grid.

Apple MacBook vs HP Spectre: How Thin Does Your Laptop Really Need to Be? | Joanna Stern: Laptops are getting more and more portable as manufacturers push to have the “lightest laptop” claim. While the portability is fantastic, it’s wise to consider if the trade-off in battery power and ports is worth the slimmer build.

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