Hey Everyone! Welcome back to TraQing News after a nice holiday weekend! Without further ado, here are some of the most interesting consumer durables articles we found last week:

This Is One Seriously Cool Garage-Door Opener | Tim Moynihan: Just when you thought everything that could be smart-ified had been, Ryobi is rolling out a smart garage-door opener. Interestingly, they’re adding modular components, so your garage-door opener will be suited to what you need most out of it!

What’s Brexit got to do with the housing recovery? | HBSDealer Staff: It was a vote felt around the world when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. There’s no clear indication yet as to whether the Brexit vote will interfere with the US housing market recovery, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

How Apple Made the Watch Work For Wheelchair Users | John Brownlee: As ubiquitous as fitness trackers are, a demographic has been left out- until now. Apple undertook some serious engineering to design fitness applications that will work for wheelchair users.

The DIY chef: Turn your grill into a smoker | Jonathan Chan: Recently, the Stevenson Company crew gave you a list of some of our favorite grill recipes. Now, we’ve found a fantastic DIY hack to turn your regular grill into a smoker. Enjoy some tasty flavors this grilling season!

Big Appliance Brands Focus on the Compact Kitchen | Daniel DiClerico: As more people are drawn to urban living, appliance brands are making a push to bring smaller appliances (a longtime staple of European homes) to the US. It’s just one more trend you can thank millennials for!

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