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Best wireless Bluetooth headphones for iPhone7 | David Carnoy & Sarah Tew: One of the most enduring rumors about the newest iPhone is that it won’t have a headphone jack. As it is, a few headphones-699054_960_720Android phones have already ditched the jack (such as the recently launched Moto Z). Rather than dealing with yet another set of dongles to carry about, CNET provides a list of Bluetooth headphones that will let you rock out with your latest smartphone- headphone jack or no.

Ford partners with Jose Cuervo to make car parts out of agave | Mark Lelinwalla: Usually, tequila and cars are a volatile mix. But cars and agave, the plant from which tequila is derived, could be a winning combination for both Ford and Jose Cuervo. The companies plan to use leftover fibers from the agave plant to make bioplastic components for cars. Overall, the plan could reduce both plant waste and provide a new, non-petroleum, source for plastics

Appliance Science: How the color rendering index measures the quality of light & Colin McDonald: Getting your lighting just right is a much more scientific processmaxresdefault than you may have realized. The Appliance Science guys are here to give you an in-depth look at one of the many tools that are used to judge quality of light.

Renovation Nation: Houzz report points to confidence | HBSDealer Staff: It looks like the housing market is starting to make a comeback! The driving force behind the comeback? It is not, for once, the millennials. Gen X is taking the lead on this trend, with Baby Boomers not far behind.

The best laptops for every type of student | Reviewed.com Staff: The new school year will soon be upon us! That means plenty of students will be looking for tech to get them through the year. Luckily, lists like this exist to help students with diverse interests and budgets.

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