Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! To ease you into your Monday, we’ve gathered some of our favorite articles from across the web:

Walmart buys Jet.com for $3 Billion to take on Amazon | Jason Abbruzzese: Walmart is stepping up its e-commerce game with its purchase of Jet.com. In addition to getting the Jet.com site, they will also get the expertise of Jet.com’s founder, Marc Lore.

Machine learning and “molecular Tinder” may change the game for OLED screens | Devin Codewey: Finding the specific molecules that work in OLED screens is something of a challenge. There are A LOT of molecules in the universe. Scientists have combined machine learning (think along the lines of Google’s Alpha Go) and an app that works like Tinder to make it easier to find the molecules they need.

Samsung buys luxury appliance brand Dacor | Ashlee Clark Thompson: To gain a foothold in the luxury appliance market, Samsung is purchasing the American brand Dacor. This could mean more high end and smart appliances in the future

LG’s V20 will sound great…with wired headphones | Daniel Cooper: Since the rumors that Apple will nix the headphone jack are all but confirmed, plenty of other cell phone manufacturers have already ditched the jack as well. However, LG isn’t ready to give up on the jack quite yet. They’ve developed a phone with audio that will shine while using wired headphones.

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