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Samsung said to sell its own refurbished smartphones in 2017 | Darrell Etherington: The newest cell phones on the streets can get pretty pricey. It’s not unusual for cost-conscious consumers to look into refurbished phones (and other tech) to help defray the costs of having really nice gear. It appears that Samsung wants to tap into that consumer base, and will start offering their own refurbished phones in the coming year. It could be a win-win situation: they get to double-dip on cell phone sales, and consumers can get a fancy phone at a lower price.

This Augmented Reality Tool Makes Anyone Handy Enough To Be A Maker | Adele Peters: Augmented Reality is here to help make Pinterest Fails a thing of the past. Tools like the Shaper Origin mentioned in this article use AR to help novices and pros alike cut lines precisely. It’s definitely exciting to see if AR will change tool design in the coming years!

Home Depot and Walmart are using one huge advantage to go after Amazon | Hayley Peterson: To keep up in the e-tailer world, Home Depot and Walmart are finding creative ways to use their physical stores as leverage. While Amazon depends on large fulfillment centers, Home Depot and Walmart can ship items from their actual stores to consumers. This can help cut down on shipping costs and fulfillment times. A competitive advantage like this can help grow their e-tail space and give consumers more options when shopping online.

All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You | Kaveh Waddell: In the running for “creepiest news about technology ever”, this article does exactly what it says on the tin. Wi-Fi routers are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. With a few lines of code, they can be taught to recognize a person based on their body shape or how they move. On the one hand, that’s kind of cool, because future smart homes might be able to preset things to your preference as soon as you walk in because the router “recognizes” you. On the other hand, I’ll personally be wondering, “does my router think I’m fat?”

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