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Apple Just Launched A Radically Futuristic New Device. It Isn’t An iPhone | Will Oremus: I know, I know, it’s been beaten into the ground. The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. But the AirPods, designed to go with this headphone jack-free phone, are possibly the most exciting thing Apple has launched in ages. It’s basically a computer that sits in your ear. Sure Braggi and Samsung have already gotten to market with similar devices, but Apple’s proprietary Bluetooth-derived tech could be the start of a whole new tech category.

HP is buying Samsung’s printer business to ‘disrupt’ the copier industry | James Vincent: When I think about printers, the word ‘disruptive’ doesn’t come to mind (unless I’ve just managed to jam the printer. Again). But HP is banking on bringing disruption to the copier industry to the tune of $1.05 billion. They’ve just purchased Samsung’s printer business in totality. If they invent a printer that is truly disruptive, can it be one that never jams? Hey, a girl can dream.

A Screenless Smartwatch That Teases An Alternative Future of UI | Mark Wilson: We get so much information from staring at screens these days. But we do have 4 other senses from which we can gather data. A company called Somatic Labs is developing a screen-free smartwatch that uses haptic feedback to display information. With this watch, for example, you might identify who’s calling based on a series of taps, or have a left or right arrow drawn onto your wrist when getting directions. Not only would this free us up from constantly staring at screens, it would also allow for greater access to information for the visually impaired. All around, it’s a pretty cool idea.

Next Big Thing: Delivery Time Excellence | HBSDealer Staff: How do you decide where to order online? If you’re like some 87% of the population, delivery speed is probably one of the key factors you’re looking at. Additionally, about half of online shoppers also said they were swayed by fancy or branded packaging. So I guess the main takeaways for people looking to step up their e-commerce game is to make sure items get to consumers quickly, and make sure they look pretty when they arrive.

DTS’s New Audio Tech Makes Your Cheap Home Theater Sound Amazing | Tim Moynihan: Having a sweet home-theater set up is the dream. Unfortunately for me, it’s a dream that’s a bit out of my price range, as I don’t have $1,500+ to drop on surround sound. Luckily, DTS is introducing new technology that can emulate surround sound setups that will roll out to speaker manufacturers in the coming months. Soon soundbars will be able to more accurately recreate the amazing soundscapes that we get at the local cinema.

10 Gadget Flops We Can Learn From | Dan Tynan: For every Oculus Rift, there is a Nintendo Virtual Boy. A piece of technology that failed, but introduced ideas and technologies that are now commonplace. It’s hard to believe, but video chat was first introduced in 1992, and browsing the internet from your TV was possible as early as 1996. Most of us probably don’t remember these original pieces of tech, but we can’t imagine life today without having these capabilities. Pretty cool, huh?

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