Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! Here’s some of our favorite posts from last week to get you back into the swing of working:

Can I upgrade my TV to HDR? | Geoffrey Morrison: Short answer: No. Longer answer: Not unless it was built to be upgraded. CNET has an excellent explanation of the ins and outs of what hardware is necessary for a TV to process and use HDR, and why upgrading TVs isn’t as simple as it seems it should be.

Best Buy’s new project highlights tech startups’ creations | Mariella Moon: It never fails. By the time I see the latest and greatest gadgets, they’ve finished their Kickstarter runs and I have to scour the web to find where they’re sold. Best Buy is starting a project to bring some of those crowd-funded projects into their stores, which will allow them to compete with Amazon’s own crowd-funded section.

Amazon partners are reportedly exploring in-home deliveries | Devindra Hardawar: In news I can’t decide how I feel about, Amazon and its partners are looking into delivering packages inside consumers’ homes and garages. Customers would have to have smart locks or garage doors to participate, and they’d have to opt in when checking out online. Personally, I am both intrigued by this idea, and also a little creeped out…

5 Awesome Home-Theater Setups For Under $500 | Tim Moynihan: The fall TV season has started up, and there is some really excellent stuff this year! Sadly, I haven’t got the budget for my dream home theater setup. But Wired’s got me covered with some excellent, budget-friendly options so I can binge my favorite shows in style.

HP will stop blocking its printers from using third-party ink | Ashley Carman: After announcing last week that their printers would use DRM to determine which ink cartridges to use, HP has decided to backtrack. Third-party ink buyers are ready to rejoice!

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