By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! From the nostalgic tech to the Walmart’s latest e-commerce strategy, here are some of our favorite articles from last week to get you back into the swing of working:

This was the hottest tech 30 years ago… in 1987 | CNET: Ready for a blast from the past? Consumer electronics have come a long, long way from the late 1980s. While I personally don’t remember many of these products, it’s fun to see where tech was 30 years ago, and to imagine what tech will look like in 30 more years.

night-television-tvLeEco is not buying Vizio after all | Cherlynn Low: LeEco made a flashy entrance to the American retail scene last year. Part of that entrance included plans to purchase the TV manufacturer Vizio. While those initial plans have fallen through, Vizio and LeEco will still work together, especially for products in China.

Walmart’s latest shot at Amazon: Giving you discounts to pick up online orders in store | Jason Del Rey: Walmart has found another way to up the ante in their competition with Amazon. Customers who buy online-only products and pick them up in store will be offered up to a 5% discount. This will also save Walmart on shipping costs- it’s much easier to deliver a semi full of goods than to have a single package delivered to a private residence.

Key Trends We Spotted at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan | Houzz: Ready to take a peek at furniture trends for the coming year? It looks like clean, simple lines will be popular- along with an emphasis on comfort.

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