By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! It may have been a short week, but we know you’re ready for the weekend, so we’ve rounded up some content for you as you wind down your day. From the future of “desktops” to lumberyard debates, here are some of our favorite articles from this week:

Soon Your Desk Will Be a Computer Too | Elizabeth Stinson: We’ve seen a lot of technology change and influence how (and where) we work. But what about a future where our desk’s top is the desktop? It might sound like science fiction, but advances to AR technology means we’re closer to this reality than you might think. A day may come when you can manipulate files on your desk instead of on a screen!

These Massive Package-Pickup Towers Show How Serious Walmart’s E-Commerce Plans  Have Become | Hayley Peterson: Consumers in some Walmart stores will find a new way to pick up their online orders soon. Instead of talking to Walmart employees, they will be able to pick up their orders at massive kiosks. Combined with their offered discounts on in-store pickups for online orders, this will allow Walmart to increase its competition with other etailers like Amazon.

Ground Contact takes high ground in lumber debate | Ken Clark: Things have been heating up in the lumberyard! Treated wood for outdoor projects has seen its standards change recently. New guidelines suggest that boards rated for Ground Contact (that is, able to withstand bacteria & rot, even if it’s directly on dirt, leaves, etc.) be used more frequently. Some retailers are responding by only carrying Ground Contact rated boards- where are you falling in this debate?

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