By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! We’ve rounded up some content for you as you wind down your work week. From Amazon and Google’s continued rivalry to literally green tires, here are some of our favorite articles from this week:

Amazon will soon stop selling all Nest products | Chris Welch: As Amazon and Google both continue their push into the smart home, consumers are having to pay for their rivalry. Due to continued disagreements, Google’s Nest products will no longer be available for purchase on Amazon’s site.

Goodyear’s Oxygene tire is actually alive | Brian Cooley: Taking cues from bio-engineering, Goodyear has developed a living tire. The concept tire is full of living moss, that helps to generate electricity, as well as cut down on CO2 in the environment. Additionally, the tire is made with 3D printed parts and recycled tires, making it even more eco-friendly

Electrolux Halts Tennessee Expansion Amid Trump Metal Tariffs | Alan Wolf: The president’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum are already having results- but maybe not the intended ones. Due to uncertainty, Electrolux is pausing its expansion of a US factory, which was due for a $250 million upgrade.

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