By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! We’ve rounded up some content for you as you wind down your work week. From luxury appliance prices to foldable smart phones, here are some of our favorite articles from this week:

Amazon HQ2 winner appears to be both New York and Crystal City, Virginia | Patrick Sisson: For over a year, cities across North America have waited with bated breath to see where Amazon would build its second headquarters. Now, evidence is mounting that the company will split its HQ2 into two separate locations- both in areas where Amazon already has a significant presence. And despite the evidence, there are still cities in the running who haven’t given up hope!

Luxury Appliance Biz Prepares For Price Hikes | Alan Wolf: While consumer tastes for luxury appliances have been feeding into a competitive market, it appears that prices will be raising over the next few years. Due to recent tariffs on steel and aluminum, costs for manufacturers are rising, and consumers could see some of that cost themselves. However, not all manufacturers believe that the increases will be enough to sway consumers away from their products.

The foldable phones are coming | Tom Warren: Today’s smartphones are almost uniformly all slabs of glass and metal (or plastic, for more budget-conscious options), but a new form factor is on the horizon. Samsung officially previewed its foldable phone, that can unfold from a more traditional phone shape into something more like a tablet. Chinese company Royole also unveiled a working prototype. Once foldable phones are available to consumers, we’ll see how long it takes for the form-factor to become the norm, rather than an outlier.

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