By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week’s installment of TraQing News! We’ve rounded up some content for you as you wind down your work week. From voice assistant trends to popular bathroom styles, here are some of our favorite articles from this week:

Inside the hype and reality of Alexa, Siri and the voice assistant ‘revolution’ | Rani Molla: Dig into the nitty-gritty details of what the smart speaker revolution has (and hasn’t) delivered so far. This breaks down where smart speakers are succeeding, such as for streaming music & being the center of connected housing, and where there’s still room for growth, such as the nascent voice shopping trend.

Done Deal: Amazon reveals its new headquarters | Deena M. Amato-McCoy: After 14 months of cities competing for Amazon’s attention and, and rumors flying over where the new headquarters would be located, we’ve finally got an official answer. As last week’s reports revealed, Amazon is splitting its HQ2 between New York and Virginia, and also announced a third, smaller office that will be located in Nashville.

Top Styles, Colors and Finishes for Master Bath Remodels in 2018 | Erin Carlyle: Houzz unveiled some of the details from their annual remodeling survey, highlighting the current design trends that consumers are opting for. In Master Bathrooms, that tends to be calm, neutral colors and a contemporary style, but the report does note the growing popularity of the more minimal “farmhouse” style.

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