By Corinne Clements

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first weekly installment of TraQing News this year! We’ve rounded up some content for you as you wind down your work week. From CES 2019 TV predictions to the smartphone market plateau, here are some of our favorite articles from this week:

CES 2019 Preview: Your TV Wants To Control Your Home | Deirdre Kennedy: While smart speakers with voice assistants have really taken off over the past few years, they may have some new competition! Manufacturers are starting to introduce voice control into televisions, partially in hopes that the TV could become consumers’ primary way of controlling their smart house. Some TVs have this new tech ingrained into their systems, while some instead pair up with smart speakers already on the market.

The surprisingly bright future of retail | Elizabeth Segran: Fears of the “retail apocalypse” are finally subsiding, and new trends are ready to take over the retailing landscape. Sustainable shopping, a return to brick & mortar stores, and shopping via social media are all on the rise, while some trends like “instagrammable stores” may finally be fading into the background.

Apple and Samsung feel the sting of plateauing smartphones | Vlad Savov: Smartphone sales are slowing down, and big manufacturers are starting to feel the pinch. While the ongoing tariffs with China and difficulty in foreign markets are making their mark, it’s also true that Western phone buyers just aren’t buying the way they used to. Phones have transformed from a hot new gadget to something more necessary, and buyer behavior is reflecting that.

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