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Apple’s Aim Is on the Camera Market | Jordan G. Teicher: Quick- what’s the last camera you used to snap a photo? Was it your cell phone? For a growing number of people, phone cameras are becoming their go-to camera. In fact, unless you’re a professional or an incredibly dedicated amateur, you probably forgo fancier DSLRs for the camera on your phone. While most photographers will concede that the camera for the job is the one you happen to have, we’ll have to see what this does to the DSLR market.

Virtually race against friends on Nautilus’ latest treadmill | Mat Smith: Running can be a really great social activity, but some days running outside can be awful (thanks loads, summers in Kentucky). Treadmills are great for when the weather is awful, but you miss out on that social aspect. But wait! There is now a new option! Nautilus is introducing treadmills with a built-in social network- RunSocial. Running with your friends while on a treadmill is totally a doable thing

HP Has Added DRM to Its Ink Cartridges. Not Even Kidding | Brian Barrett: Ah, DRM. It protects things like ebooks and mp3 files from being pirated, and for that, we thank it. HP has decided to include DRM in its ink cartridges in order to keep consumers from buying 3rd party inks for HP printers. Whether this will help increase their ink cartridge profits is yet to be seen.

Amazon takes aim at Shutterfly with photo printing service | Billy Steele: Do you store photos with Amazon Prime? Amazon is now offering to print those photos for you, taking on companies like Shutterfly and Walgreens. When Amazon announced this newest service, Shutterfly’s stock dropped a bit, but it will take some more time before we see if it has any impact on Shutterfly’s business. (If you want more insights into the photo sharing and printing industry, take a look at our Consumer Photo Behavior & Purchases page)

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