Measure Your Share. Your Competition. Industry trends.

TraQline Solves OPE’s Toughest Challenges

Measure Share and Behavior for you and your competitors

Speak the language of the industry with TraQline

Get the right products on the shelves based on data from the entire industry

Track purchases of 25 different parts covering 8 Products for a total of 90 different configurations

Have you experienced these?

Basing success on sales volumes alone does not take into account industry shifts or faster moving competition
Marketing to the wrong customer decreases profitablity
Failure to understand the competitive mix greatly increases long-term risk

TraQline’s OPE MRP Deliverables are industry leading resources

Category Analysis reports are fully editable PowerPoints with key data points and takeaways included

Infographics provide a snapshot of the industry in an easy to understand format

Category Dashboards are data centric reports that can be edited and shared with key stakeholders

Interactive analysis on the TraQline website is a pivot table for your subscription. You can analyze any variable by any other variable in an easy to navigate format.

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