Valentine’s Day: Buy me a reciprocating saw for my tulips

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By Corinne Clements

Valentine’s day is here again! Did you remember to pick up a gift for your significant other? While members of the TraQline team were debating the finer points of picking out Valentine’s Day gifts, we began to wonder—what products are most likely to be given as gifts throughout the year? By looking into TraQline’s data, we were able to get an idea of what is (or isn’t) popular for consumers to give their friends and family.

Maybe Don’t Pick This Gift:

This is directed at the approximately 1% of the population who does this- Unless your significant other requests it, perhaps reconsider buying household cleaning supplies as a gift. To be fair, the majority of household cleaning supplies are purchased for routine maintenance, not as the highlight of someone’s Valentine’s Day. But to the 1% of men making a household cleaning supply purchase they intend to give as a gift, might we recommend a bread maker instead?

Gifts Women Tend To Purchase:

It might sound stereotypical to list gifts that men and women choose to buy – but the data doesn’t lie. For those who choose to use gift-giving occasions to purchase something practical (or as a not so subtle way to suggest home maintenance is needed), hand tools are the way to go. Overall, about 9% of hand tools and accessories were purchased as gifts overall in 2017, however that number jumps quite a bit when looking at how many women purchased hand tools/accessories as gifts- almost 14%.

Another popular, practical gift for women to give to men is power tools and accessories: we found that about 14% of Power tools/accessories are purchased by women as gifts, yet only 5% men buy these products as gifts. I’m not sure I understand the disparity here…I mean, all this girl EVER wanted for Valentine’s day was a 18v cordless orbital reciprocating saw so I can cut fresh flowers. (That’s what they’re used for, amirite?)

However, not all women choose to go the practical route. Video game systems are a less “utilitarian”, more fun gift option. Video game systems are very commonly purchased as gifts (only slightly less likely than a first-time purchase). 19% of systems purchased by men are intended as gifts, while almost 40% of systems purchased by women are intended as gifts. On another note: 1 in 5 video game systems are purchased by men and women together – maybe some together time with Mario Kart is all a healthy couple needs?

Gifts Men Tend To Purchase:

For men who want to give something a little longer lasting than a bouquet of roses, outdoor products are a good bet. 10% of Outdoor decorative accessories, such as wind chimes, flower pots/planters, or gazebos, are given as gifts. Yet almost 14% of outdoor decorative accessories purchased by men are gifts, whereas only 8% of the outdoor decorative accessories purchased by women are gifts.

While men are increasingly more likely to spend time in the kitchen, small appliances tend to be gifted by men more frequently than women. About 13% of bread makers (or, as I refer to them, “the gift that keeps on giving, because hey fresh bread”) are purchased to be gifts. Men purchase them as gifts only slightly more often than women do (14% to 13%). I guess everyone dreams of having a romantic partner who’s amazing in the kitchen, regardless of gender!


While consumer durables are perhaps not as common as chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s day, they are still worthy of consideration for gift-giving. Diamonds may be forever, and a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but there’s something to be said for giving a gift that will fix your significant other’s broken drawer or let you plant flowers!